Significant shareholders:
The Company has been notified of the following significant shareholders.  Significant shareholders are those holding 3% or more of the shares in issue excluding treasury shares.


  Number of
shares held
  % of ISC  
P.G.H Collins 850,836   31.55%  
G. J. Gibson 274,475   10.18%  
D. N. Gibson 136,508   5.06%  
Dr. G. L. A. Bird 112,000   4.15%  
J.V. Bird 111,750   4.14%  

(1)  Excluding treasury shares.t in public hands: So far as the company is aware, 1,627,640 ordinary shares representing 51.58% of the total issued share capital, is not held in public hands.  This includes the treasury shares held by the company.