Announcements released to the Stock Exchange 12-Jun-2024 07:00 Final Results and Notice of AGM
01-May-2024 15:19 Holding(s) in Company
01-May-2024 07:00 Trading Statement
07-Dec-2023 17:06 Director Dealing
07-Dec-2023 07:00 Acquisition
07-Nov-2023 12:07 Interim Results For Six Months Ended 29 Sept 2023
05-Oct-2023 13.01 Director Dealing
08-Sep-2023 15:25  Board Change
10-Aug-2023 16:51 Holdings in company
18-Jul-2023 15:01 Result of AGM
19-Jun-2023 15:03 Annual Report and Notice of AGM
14-Jun-2023 07:00 Final Results and notice of AGM
08-Jun-2023 13:08 Forthcoming Board Changes
28-Apr-2023 07:00 Trading Update
26-Apr-2023 07:00 Acqusition of Property
22-Mar-2023 10:59 Board Changes
09-Nov-2022 07:00 Interim results for the six months ended 29 Sept 2022
05-Sep-2022 12:20 Transaction in Own Shares
19-Jul-2022 15:18 Result of AGM, GM and Trading Update
21-Jun-2022 15:19 Posting of Annual Report and Circular
16-Jun-2022 07:00 Annual Report and proposed share buyback
14-Feb-2022 07:14 Disposal of property
19-Nov-2021 11:24 Dividend Timetable Correction
18-Nov-2021 07:00 Change of Nominated Adviser and Corporate Broker
18-Nov-2021 07:00 Interim Result six months ended 29 Sept 2021
20-Jul-2021 15:37 Results of Annual General Meeting
25-Jun-2021 15:30 Annual Report and Notice of AGM
18-Jun-2021 07:00 Final Results
07-Apr-2021 07:00 Trading Update
23-Nov-2020 07:00 Half Year Report
15-Sep-2020 14:45 Results of Annual General Meeting
05-Aug-2020 12:02 Annual Report and Notice of AGM
31-Jul-2020 07:00 Annual Report and Financial Statements
31-Jul-2020 07:00 Final Results and Notice of AGM
11-Jun-2020  16:00 Declaration of second interim dividend
22-Apr-2020 07:00 Trading Update
02-Mar-2020 07:00 Change of Address
10-Feb-2020 14:32 Director/PDMR Shareholding
14-Nov-2019 07:00 Half Year Results
23-Sep-2019 17:45 Acquisition
19-Sep-2019 07:00 Board and Functional Changes
16-Jul-2019 15:32 Results of AGM
16-Jul-2019 11:30 AGM Trading Update
14-Jun-2019 07:00 Annual Report and Financial Statement
13-Jun-2019 07:00 Final Results
04-Apr-2019 07:00 Trading Update
01-Apr-2019 16:01 Director/PDMR Shareholding
20-Feb-2019 14:36 Director/PDMR Shareholding
06-Feb-2019 17:30 Change of Auditor
15-Nov-2018 13:04 Interim Results
28-Aug-2018 11:45 Possible Disposal
25-Jul-2018 07:00 Acquisition
10-Jul-2018 12:36 Result of AGM
10-Jul-2018 11:30 AGM Trading Update
20-Jun-2018 10:53 Annual Financial Report and Notice of AGM
14-Jun-2018 15:25 Final Results
27-Mar-2018 16:37 Trading Update